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What is nutritional therapy ?

Patricia Laissy

Nutritional therapist / nutritionist à Luxembourg
Nutrients and health

The role of food in your body

The nutrients in food allow the 100,000 billion cells in our body to perform their functions optimally. They are therefore essential for the maintenance of basic bodily functions and life.

Our organism is indeed a real chemical factory that manufactures hormones, antibodies, tissues, enzymes, neurotransmitters etc., millions of actions and reactions animate it every second and this biochemistry requires substances that we must eat: fatty acids, amino acids, glucose without forgetting the precious vitamins and trace elements which are catalysts.

If a nutrient is lacking or is present in excess in our diet, cellular activity is disrupted and metabolic processes malfunction or even stop.

To think of food in this way, you must go beyond calories or grams. It is important to look at the composition of foods and their best preventive and curative potential to maintain the organism in good health.

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Nutritional Therapy


Nutrition or nutritional therapy has its origins in ancient times. We already find dietary advice in the oldest writings of ancient Greece through China, Egypt, India, Persia and Europe. The principle is to identify and treat the underlying cause of an individual's symptoms or health problems based on the person as a whole, then recommend a revised lifestyle plan that includes foods, nutrients and appropriate supplements.

The approach to disease and the very conception of health are therefore far from those of conventional medicine, which is to combat symptoms.


Nutritional therapy starts from the observation that a large number of our ailments are induced by our modern lifestyles and our unbalanced diet. Today we are indeed talking about diseases of civilization (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc.).

In other words, by civilizing ourselves, we created diseases for ourselves

The nutritional therapist

The nutritional therapist optimizes the functions of the organism, prevents and co-treats pathologies by food rehabilitation by gradually but lastingly introducing new eating habits, short-term diets having a very limited benefit. He or she identifies and corrects nutritional deficits and/or overloads as well as metabolic dysfunctions and uses foods, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, probiotics and, where appropriate, herbal medicine and other molecules natural.

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The nutritional therapist does not target a pathology, nor does he or she make a diagnosis (unless he or she is a doctor), he or she takes charge of a person as a whole to reach a state of homeostasis. A nutritional therapist could therefore be described as a "mechanic" who regulates and rebalances the cogs or biochemical mechanisms of this breathtaking machine that is the human body, to obtain a state of lasting dynamic equilibrium.


Nutri-detoxicology goes a little further in the sense that it uses, in addition to food and micronutrition, phytotherapy, homeopathy or other natural solution to gently detoxify the body and according to the rhythm of each one.

In addition, nutri-detoxicology brings awareness of toxicological sources that impact the health of the patient and aims to distance the latter, as far as possible, from toxicological sources to which he is exposed (dental amalgam, environment, diet, excess drugs. or containing additives not tolerated etc.).

Lastly, it uses a range of special analyzes which make it possible to target and refine therapeutic plans (for example status of Oxidant Stress, analysis of fatty acids, inventory of intestinal flora, inflammatory markers, markers of intestinal dysbiosis, cardio markers, vascular, neurotransmit-ters, food intolerance, peptiduria, etc.) which are far from the conventional markers to which physicians too often limit themselves.

Detoxicology allows you to do a real job of rebalancing even more in depth.

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