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Individual face-to-face or remote consultations, via Zoom or Skype
In 3 languages: French, English, German

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First consultation

The anamnesis

The first consultation consists of gathering a set of information concerning in particular your medical history and current treatment, your family history, your living environment, your professional environment, your psychological and emotional state, your level of stress, your eating habits and your way of life, but also your resources and protective factors. It is based on a questionnaire that you will have completed and returned at least 2 days BEFORE the meeting.

The objective of this first consultation is to get to know each other. It is a reciprocal contact that should make it possible to specify what your suffering/complaint is and what you ex-pect from the therapy.

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The analysis

First analytical work will allow us to develop hypotheses on the nature and the root cause of your disorders, as well as on the factors which maintain these disorders and to establish a first therapeutic plan adapted to your needs.

Specific laboratory analyzes will also be recommended which will make it possible to develop an even more targeted set of actions and will help to monitor your progress throughout the support process.

Prevent and restore

If he or she is not a doctor, the nutritional therapist does not make a diagnosis. He or she does not claim to be healing. The nutritional therapist actions are primarily aimed at avoiding the manifestation of a disease and, after onset of a disease, at providing the keys to slowing down disease progression or restoring health.

A tailor-made program

The proposed program will focus on areas for improvement identified in the anamnesis and through biological examinations.

It will consist of reliable, detailed and personalized nutritional and micro-nutrition advice, including:

  • Identifying foods to eliminate from your diet
  • Sharing simple and easy-to-make recipes
  • Prescriptions of food supplements (and, where appropriate, homeopathy as well as herbal medicine)
  • Tips for decoding food labels
  • Buying Tips
  • Accompanied food shopping (on request, in Luxembourg only)

The proposed therapeutic program will be adjusted during follow-up consultations according to the evolution of your disorders, to support you on your journey to optimal health.

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In collaboration with your attending physician

Nutritional therapy can be combined with conventional medical treatment. The advice provided is safe and takes into account your existing medical treatment.

follow-up consultations

Implementation of the protocol

Depending on your health goals, a minimum of 3 sessions is necessary to identify the root cause (s) of your health problems, perform the necessary biochemical analyzes, introduce a new diet and consider the right supplements.

Therapeutic follow-up

At the end of these 3 sessions, a follow-up session should be considered every 4 to 5 months on average until the identified nutritional deficiencies and/or excess have been corrected and your symptoms begin to improve.

Once vitality is regained, 1 to 2 annual follow-up sessions may be considered for maintaining a good state of health.

Regularity in follow-up consultations will allow you to consolidate your new eating practices, adapt them if necessary, and maintain the benefits felt over time.

This is the best way to create new habits and get the best results.

You are part of the solution.

Your involvement and commitment count for a lot in obtaining conclusive results!

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Presential or remote consultations

The presence in the office is to be privileged as far as possible. It brings an appreciable human dimension as much for the patient as for the therapist. However, remote consultations via Zoom or Skype allow me to support you as effectively if your geographic location or current health circumstances require it.

The office is located in Bourglinster, approximately 15 km north-east of Luxembourg.

I consult in French, English or German.

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