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Patricia Laissy

Nutritional therapist / nutritionist à Luxembourg

Luxembourg based nutritional therapist - Patricia Laissy

"We never stop learning because we never stop ignoring."

S. de Beauvoir

I made my passion my job. Today, it is an honor for me to be able to share my knowledge in nutritional therapy and nutri-detoxicology and put it at the service of those who need it. It is an immense joy to constantly acquire new ones on the subject which, it must be admitted, is inexhaustible!

My Training

I am a nutritional therapist, specialized in nutri-detoxicology, graduated from the Stelior School in Geneva. School founded by Ms. Elke AROD and recognized by ASCA, the Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicines.

Eternal student, my curiosity is abundant and unlimited. I continue to train regularly in the field of nutrition in order to be aware of the latest advances in the field and to benefit my patients.

A professional career Off-the-beaten-track

Departure in the financial sector …

My studies first took me to the financial sector in Luxembourg and abroad where I have always had an intense and hectic professional life. My curious mind, my determination, my love of a job well done allowed me to evolve quickly in this field which offered me the promise of a secure and rewarding future.

The question of meaning and the first trainings

In search of meaning and fulfillment, I am gradually overtaken by my natural inclination to take an interest in health and food issues. In the early 2000s, in parallel with my job, I began to survey natural health training and internships and I discovered a real passion. At this time, I also encountered health problems that I managed to solve thanks to natural therapies.

The turnaround

I then decided to do an about-face and make my passion my job. I initiated a 180° turn by resuming my studies in order to specialize and reorient myself professionally.

Established on April 21, 1991, by health insurance specialists and therapists, the ASCA Foundation, the Swiss foundation for complementary medicine is a neutral, independent and non-profit organization that is subject to the supervision of the Confederation (DFI). It encourages professional ethics, taking into account the approach of each therapist. It has nearly 25 years of experience serving naturopaths, health practitioners, insurers and patients.

The ASCA Foundation has its headquarters in Geneva. The Swiss administration is in Fribourg with representations in Zurich and Lugano.

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