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Proposed Method

Nutritional Therapy by Patricia Laissy

Nutritional therapist / nutritionist in Luxembourg

"Care for your Health! "

As a nutritional therapist specializing in nutri-detoxicology, I am trained to correct your individual biochemical imbalances through nutrition and micro-nutrition.

My method, rigorously scientific, is broken down into several stages:

  • Comprehend,
  • Analyze,
  • Re-educate,
  • Equilibriate.


Based on thorough questioning and the results of any existing medical analyses, I gather all the relevant information to understand your imbalances and identify the limiting factors to your return to health.


I then scientifically analyze the data collected. I am looking for the root causes of your symptoms. On the basis of more in-depth biological examinations, I identify metabolic dysfunctions, nutritional deficiencies and / or overloads and develop a precise program which will specifically target the disorders that concern us.


A detailed and personalized therapeutic program is then proposed. It is composed of reliable advice in nutrition, micro-nutrition and other suitable supplements. Follow-up consultations allow you to check the results, modify it if needed and support your efforts to change your diet and return to optimal health, with the first priority being to encourage you to make healthier food choices.


These three steps are necessary to achieve the desired goal: a dynamic and lasting health equilibrium.

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My approach and practice are based on the following principles

  • An individual's state of health is determined by the interaction between their genetic makeup and environmental factors, including their diet and lifestyle;
  • Each person is biochemically unique and therefore has individual needs. While some foods can be good for one, they can be bad for the other. Patricia offers a personalized therapeutic program for each individual;
  • The body functions as a network of interconnected systems rather than as a collection of individual organs functioning in an autonomous manner;
  • The goal of the therapeutic program is to help a person and not to target a disease;
  • Health is positive vitality, not merely the absence of disease;
  • Prevention is a key factor in healthy aging.

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