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Staying fit, preventing diseases and accompanying healing through eating

The origin and the solution to your health problems can also be found on your plate.
What you eat every day nourishes your body or poisons it.

nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy? What is that?

Nutritional therapy is a science of health based on biochemistry. It uses foods and food supplements to correct nutritional deficits and/or excess and implements techniques to change eating behavior without giving up the pleasure of eating.

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Is nutritional therapy right for me?

The goal of nutritional therapy is to help you live in good health for as long as possible. It aims to restore the vitality of the person, to prevent and co-treat various disorders (sleep, digestive systems, chronic fatigue, stress etc.) and civilization diseases (obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes etc.).

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What to expect from a consultation?

The consultation allows you to take stock of your health and your eating habits and to identify, based on questioning and in-depth biological analyzes, a personalized nutritional rebalancing pro-gram. You are then accompanied to implement it at your own pace.

Understanding nutrition

Molecules from raw foods (amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, etc.) are an integral part of the body and allow it to function well.

A deficit, an overload or a denaturation of these molecules can contribute to a dysfunction of the organism which then becomes the breeding ground for diseases.

Understand my approach

My approach to nutritional therapy is scientific. Each person is unique and their state of health is determined by the interaction between their genetic makeup and environmental factors, including their diet and lifestyle.

For quality support, understand the patient's complaint(s), their health goals and the factors that may have contributed to their health problems.

Analyze and identify nutritional deficiencies and/or overloads and metabolic disorders that may contribute to the patient’s health problems.

Re-balance the systems (digestive, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxydant, energetic, etc.), the body functioning as a network of interconnected systems.

Discover the method

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