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Autism and nutrition

Can Nutrition help children with autism?

The scientific community have started finding evidence within a link between the gut and the difficulties within the autistic spectrum (“ASD”). In fact, between the brain and the intestines there is a crucial component: the microbiota. Latest research on the subject shows that what occurs in the intestinal environment, including the activity of microbiota bacteria that resides, influences the neurones and the nervous system. Thus anomalies from the intestinal microbiota (we are therefore talking of “dysbiosis”), can contribute to the development or the aggravation of certain psychological  or neuro developmental disorders, such as autism.  Numerous environmental factors influence the quality and richness of the microbiota: food is one of them and this is not new information. Didn’t Hippocrates, the father of medicine, say over 2000 years ago that: “all illnesses begin in the gut” ?

With help of a diet centred around natural foods,  (gluten-free, dairy-free, low in sugar, trans fats and additives of all kinds) along with food supplements, it is possible to detoxify the body, support the restoration of the barrier function of the intestine, repopulate the intestinal flora with “good” bacteria, thus laying the foundation for the health of your child.

In order to help your child thrive, I offer you a personalised nutritional approach, as it is fundamental to take their uniqueness into account. We each react differently to foods and dietary supplements.

If you are concerned about an ASD and would like personalised nutritional support, I invite you to click here to book a phone call, free of charge, to discuss how a simple nutritional rebalancing can contribute with improving the health of your child. 

A nutritional rebalancing is naturally incorporated in a multidisciplinary therapeutic approach for quality support for children suffering with ASD. I have recently had the chance of meeting Mrs Annalisa Destefanis, founder of the 3AL autism awareness association Luxembourg, which aims to promote awareness in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg around issues affecting people with autism and other pervasive developmental disorders.

For more information concerning the course of action suggested by the association of 3AL, I invite you to click on this link to download a presentational PDF .

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